The magnificence of mid-coast Maine is exceeded only by its exquisite frame of light.  This ever changing light completely captivates me.  It is insubstantial, yet evocative.  Try to hold a moonbeam in your hands.  Yet, you can surely hold it in your heart.  An awakening passion in photography has, occasionally, allowed me to capture that illusory light. The human soul is hungry for beauty;  especially, in these times of anxiety and uncertainty and global crisis.  May these images bring you peace and a feeling of homecoming.

I first kicked the slats out of my crib to follow the sunlight across the nursery room floor.  Like a cat, curled I, in its warm embrace.  Most of my life has been spent on boats, coasts and islands.  The flow of the ocean is a graceful dance.  Our oceans display beauty that is often charged with danger.  Yet its light, in all its ramifications, continues to beckon and inhabit me.  During a Pacific transit from Tokyo to Seattle, we were blessed with perfect weather.  I had the 4-8 watch, so was on the bridge for every sunrise and sunset.  Each sunset brought a green flash.  Memories of other refractions of light, as in the stillness and glory of the underwater world, are also with me as I look through the lens my little camera.  Gliding over the North Shore of Oahu, climbing Mt. Agung in Bali, walking with the goatherd in Crete, sailing into Rio de Janiero and its glorious harbor.  These memories and visions inform me and my images.

Mid-coast Maine surpasses all as the apogee of light.  Is it the 3,478 miles of coastline?  The latitude?  The warmth of the citizens?  The Nor’easters blowing out the old and whistling in the new?  Based on Maine Forest Service data of 2014, we have 24.3 billion trees.  That surely influences our atmospheric luminosity.

With the inspiration, faith and teaching of my beloved mentor, Karen Olson, I have become a passionate landscape photographer.  A  wonderful passion not unlike first love.  Unquenchable and delightful…..a sweet longing for the next dawn.  The scope of learning is daunting but so much fun.  If I take hundreds of pictures and take away a single decent one, I am thrilled.  

The pre-dawn is my favorite time:  a welcome invitation to a fresh new day.  Most early mornings of the year will find me and my faithful companion,  greeting that magical nether world between night and day.  Undreamt of colors sing through all weathers to different notes.  Sharing these beautiful mornings with you brings me great joy.


“Let the beauty we love be what we do.

  There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

Thanks for taking a peek.